EP 26 |Season 2 Overedger Pack Product Review

Episode 26

Season 2 begins | Overedger Pack Product Review

Overedger Pack

Show Notes

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the Adventures on the Road podcast Episode 1 Season 2. So much has happened or not happened in the world of travel both here in Australia and around the world, due to the Covid pandemic. Now with several states easing restrictions we are able to travel around our own state region or visit some other states with certain conditions. Our best wishes to the state of Victoria which at the time of recording are back to lock down .
On a brighter note it’s so important that we get out and about supporting all the various business in the tourism industry including cafes, caravan parks, pubs and regional towns.
This is a slightly different episode to kick off the 2nd half of 2020, as we told you we have a brand new sponsor, Overedger Outdoors who has a great product. But we want to introduce the Aussie story behind the product, as it is now important more than ever, we support local Australian businesses. I meet Bevan at a local pitch night where a start-up program for entrepreneurs was being run, that was 18 months or so ago, we hit it off with so much in common. Fast forward to now and Bevan reached back out to us and here we are, happy to get the word out. Hope you enjoy the journey of the business and product and if you need a new way to store all that kitchen stuff! check it out.
Well that’s it for the first episode of Season 2 of AOTR, all be it slightly shorter than normal . Thank you for returning if you have been with us through season 1 and if you are new welcome, we hope to bring you great places to visit, stay eat and play along with camp cooking , tips and tricks as we get back to the new normal. Until then take care I’m Shane have a Safe Journey everyone.
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About the Product

The Overedger Pack eliminates the never-ending cycle of wasted time searching through plastic boxes for your camping supplies!

  • Australian Made
  • Durable, easy clean design – water and UV resistant
  • Enough space for the whole family – plates, bowls, cups, and all the space for cutlery you need
  • Less than a minute to set up and pack up – easier than eas
  • Hang it the way you want – single point loop, by the straps, or use the Overedger hanging hook.
  • Guaranteed not to spill your kit – pocket lids and the integral design mean when packed there is no chance of finding a mess in the Pack on its next use

Overedger Pack

Overedger loaded up
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