EP 31 |Merry Christmas | Border Updates in Australia | Ranger Nicks’ Christmas Recipe

Border Updates in Australia


In our last episode for the year, we are just we are doing border updates in Australia and a Christmas recipe from Ranger Nick, find out the latest as of 15 December 2020.
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EP 31 |  {EDIT}
In our last episode for the year, we were going to do a short wrap up of restrictions but with the now every changing NSW situation, we will just list all the relevant websites pertaining to border restrictions on our website and in our show notes. And of course a Christmas recipe from Ranger Nick
Qld borders
NSW– borders
Victoria, see COVID Safe Summer restrictions, as there still are requirements for facemasks and other limits based on your activity.
Entry into the ACT
Entry into NT requires a Permit.
Entry to Tas – through the Tas-e-Travel system
Entry to WA – G2G pass
Entry to Norfolk Island Entry pass
Please remember folks these restrictions are subject to change at any time, so as we said, check the websites linked for up-to-the-minute advice.
We will be back bigger and better next year with some exciting news early on.
2020 has been horrendous for the travel tourism and hospitality industries, so we need to do our best to get out and travel domestically and support the towns, operators, accommodation, and help start 2021 with some much-needed love for the local industries.
To our various sponsors and our great guests through-out the year, thank-you you make this possible and great fun.
To you, thanks for listening, your loyal support, keeps us inspired to make it bigger and better, so please tell your friends about us.
May you have a safe and happy Christmas period and a great New Years’ celebration, and we look forward to entertaining, informing, and educating you again in 2021.
Until next month, I’m Shane have a safe journey everyone.
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