Episode 16 Visit Unspoilt Inverell & meet the Daly Trippers

Episode 16

Visit Unspoilt Inverell and meet the Daly Trippers

Show Notes

Vist unspoilt Inverell, in Episode 16, the lucky last for 2019. Inverell,  NSW, is home to a large Motor museum, an Historical village,  great National parks, places to stay and eat.

 We also meet the Daly Trippers. Steve Niki, and their 2 girls,  6 and 8. They have just sold the house downsized to the van and are hitting the road. Hear their incite into getting prepared.


Inverell is nestled in a picturesque valley beside the Macintyre River of NSW. This New England North West region is renowned for its proud pioneering history, its beautiful restored buildings, and the production of many fine gemstones from which Inverell has earned the epithet of ‘Sapphire City’.

There is always plenty to see, do and experience, with both visitors and locals being able to enjoy a wide range of unique opportunities. The city and its surrounds offer boutique shopping, cultural endeavours, outdoor adventures, natural splendours, and more. There are many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered at Inverell.

The Daly Trippers

We are the Daly’s and we are packing in our crazy busy lifestyle to get back to basics and travel this big beautiful country!
As a young family with a well established business plus doing the FIFO gig, life can get super crazy busy and we have always loved escaping to the coast, finding new camping spots or even jumping on a plane and exploring the world.
We (Niki and Steve) have always loved travelling since we met almost 20 years ago and now the kids are a little bit older, we are hitting the road to give them, and ourselves, an experience of a lifetime. We love our camping and thought what better way to see Oz!
All of sudden we are middle aged (well in our 40’s.. what how did that happen lol), mortality seems to suddenly become all too apparent after a few really crappy things happen and we sat back and thought what the hell are we waiting for? Life is flashing right before our eyes and we are stuck in the rat race and surely this is not what life is about!
Don’t get me wrong we are blessed and our life is awesome, but we suddenly became stuck in the cycle of living to work. So we did some sums, asked some really big questions and thought bugger it! Lets do it! There is never going to be a better time than now!
We are heading off end of 2019 so follow our journey from start to finish and maybe you might get inspired to do the same! Life is too short to do the same shit everyday, yeooow!
*We will update this before we go. The kids are talking about having their own You Tube Channel and I am sure more socials will pop up as we get prepared for our adventure of a lifetime!


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