Episode 13 Cobbold Gorge and the Glass Bridge

Episode 13

Cobbold Gorge and the Glass Bridge

Show Notes

In Episode 13 hear about the new glass bridge built across Cobbold Gorge, stand above the famous Gorge, and take in the magnificent view. We talk how it got there, what it weighs, Shane’s fear of heights and how you now get to go to “the other-side”. Also a treat for those who just “love Christmas”, we visit the Granite Belt Christmas Farm, in Stanthorpe, where you can pick your very own REAL Christmas tree from the farm. Hear all about when and why you should visit in the lead up to Christmas. We also hear again from Aussie larrikin Ranger Nick, his world record attempt involving damper, and his story about camping in the snow.

Cobbold Gorge

Mind the Gap and ‘DO’ look Down
Australia’s first glass bridge open for business

AUSTRALIA’S first glass bridge has opened at Cobbold Gorge Tours in Queensland’s south-east Gulf Country. It’s a 13-metre gap and a 17-metre drop into cool spring fed water below.

Too far to jump and too slippery to climb, and it’s stopped access to the other side for 160 million years. 

“In such a spectacular natural environment a simple bridge just wouldn’t cut it” Simon explains. 

“We wanted to build something that people will remember and give them an experience that they can talk about”. 

So they built Australia’s first glass bridge,  it is totally transparent all the way across.

The new bridge built to the highest of engineering standards, with glass 41mm thick. It provides an unbelievable aspect of Cobbold Gorge.  It is both a challenge and exciting for guests, testing their fears on one of the guided tours, walking on the glass surface high above the water.

In addition to starting your heart as you walk across, guests will also be able to snap a selfie in one of the most isolated and spectacular settings in Australia.  The image from the middle of a glass bridge with the big blue sky and the iron stained walls of the gorge is nothing short of breathtaking and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

The Granite Belt Christmas Farm

Nestled in the heart of the Granite Belt wine region, South East Queensland  is family owned and operated Granite Belt Christmas Farm.  Renowned for bringing the ‘Christmas Spirit’ alive all year round, there are a bundle of MUST DO’s on the farm for the whole family.

Free Entry to the Farm come and choose a living tree for this Christmas.

Granite Belt Christmas Farm’s specialty  is creating a family fun atmosphere where memories can be made and traditions created. Let the kids explore Santa’s animals,  wander through the fields of real Christmas trees and savor the fresh smell of pine or visit the farm In harvest season and let the kids pick the perfect tree for your family festivities.

Capture the magic of Christmas  through the doors of the Mistletoe Store and browse the spectacular range of Christmas decorations and gifts.  Taste, indulge and enjoy Mrs. Claus’ festive hand crafted sweet treats and gourmet products.

Ranger Nick - Celebrity Bush Cook​

 Ranger Nick is back to talk his “world record” Damper cook up, and a damper recipe involving avocado and cheese, his strange  but still amusing camping adventure involving snow.

Often referred to as the “Guru” of camp oven cooking, Ranger Nick is the master of keeping it simple and has been demonstrating camp oven and bush cooking skills professionally since 2010, travelling the country and abroad. Coming from a large family, he whips up a cracker of a meal with whatever is in the tuckerbox.

A previous environmental education support officer and Ranger Guide from outback Queensland, Ranger Nick is putting his bush skills to use wherever his travels take him. When he is not cooking up a storm in the camp oven, Ranger Nick passes on his knowledge to school groups and fellow adventurers, teaching them the art of bush survival, hunting and cooking. 

Cobbold Gorge

Granite Belt Christmas Farm

Camp Oven Cooking