Episode 2 – The Big Red Bash is nearly here!

Episode 2

The Big Red Bash is nearly here!


In this our first full Episode we talk Big Red Bash fun with Greg Donovan about the fabulous line-up including Midnight Oil.  What people can expect if they are going, and why it has become such a fantastic event. Because this episode coincides with the start of the Qld Caravan Camping and Touring Super show, we take the opportunity to talk to the show organiser Jaon Plant. Specifically about what is new this year. Also what is instore for the experienced and newbie travellers alike. Then we get busy in the kitchen and “throw together”  a “Cheats Apple Crumble”. Rather a quick recipe that takes only 10 minutes to whip up. Lastly we talk about a new product called Glass on the Grass. This is for all of us who like to keep their glass of wine upright, when outside.


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Big Red Bash

Quick Cook Up

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