Episode 6 – A Perfect Day camping , Real Coffee and Beef Stew!

Episode 6

A perfect day camping A Real Coffee and Beef Stew

In Episode 6,  we get our Foodie vibe happening. Penny from Ezicaf Solutions talks about her ingenious product Coffee for One.  Allan from Thermal Cookware explains the Thermos theory and applies this easy cooking to life on the road and at home. He  has a recipe for a great Beef Stew. Prepare at the beginning of the day and eat when you get to your destination. Introducing a new segment that offers tips and tricks when it comes to RV safety and maintenance. This episode we talk about basic maintenance and where to start.

Coffee For One

Ezicaf is a family owned and run, Brisbane based business built on a passion for quality, sustainable, EZI coffee. We are the AU/NZ distributor for the Coffee-for-One Gold Filter.  It is an environmentally-friendly alternative to the coffee capsule (pod) and paper coffee filters.

Our 23 karat gold-plated coffee filter is European-designed to deliver the most delicious cup of black coffee you’ll find, even in a cafe. In addition,  it is, simple and  waste-free and light-weight,. Therefore it requires no ‘replacement filters’, doesn’t require electricity (water boiled in the billy will suffice). And it is easy to clean and transport, making the perfect utensil for brewing coffee on the road. Oh, and it will last you years.

Your days of reverting to instant coffee while camping and caravanning are now over.

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Quick Cook Up - Beef Stew!

In our quick Cook up segment Allan from Thermal Cookware talks beef stew ready for that cold winters night and it takes next to know time to prepare…yum!  You can find this recipe and many others like this one on their website and recipes pages, for more easy on the road cooking.


Van Maintenance

This is a new segment with Cam, from Advantage Caravan Repairs in Melbourne and we talk, the stuff we all know we should do, but most of us, just don’t, until we have to, or once we find a problem. This is easy and simple maintenance tips that should be done semi regularly to help keep your van in tip top shape.



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