Episode 20 Top Secret WWII Tour

Episode 20 - Top Secret WWII Tour

Fossicking in Inverell and meet The Daly Tripper Kids

In Episode 20, we start with a Top Secret WWII  tour in Charleville,  QLD, and find out about a remote base for the Americans between 1942 and 1946. We meet the Daly Trippers kids for a quick chat, and Peter is back talking that most popular and addictive pastime fossicking. Famous for sapphires, we learn there are plenty of other stones in the Inverell area.

'Top Secret' WWII Tour in Charleville tells us what they were really doing on the base, miles from anywhere.

 During WWII Charleville Airfield was a Top Secret Base for the USAAF. Follow your guide in your vehicle and listen to them draw a picture for you of days gone by. For one and a half hours you will entertained and we promise you will not be disappointed.

Departs from Charleville Cosmos Centre 

***Your own vehicle is required for this tour.***


What, Where, and How to Fossick in Inverell

Inverell is famous for its beautiful sapphires, Quartz Crystals and gemstones.
You can try your hand at finding your own fortune with a variety of places to fossick, each forged within scenic bush settings. Many places also provide opportunities for camping, bush walking, and bird watching, allowing the whole family to discover the true tranquillity of an Australian country site

If you have Inverell on your list have a listen to a bit more about Inverell in Episode 16

Folllow the Daly Trippers

Top Secret WWII Tours in Charleville

Top Secret WWII Tour

Fossicking around Inverell

Fossicking for gems in Inverell

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