EP 28 | The Outback Way | Australia’s Longest Short-Cut



The Outback Way

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the Adventures On the Road podcast, proudly brought to you by Overedger Outdoors. Check out the Overedger Pack to make your camping a breeze.
This episode we hear all about the Outback Way, otherwise known as Australia’s longest short-cut from Laverton in WA thru the Northern Territory to Winton in Qld.
We chat with Helen Lewis from The Outback Highway Development Council and also the Outback Way podcast,
We will do this in two parts, starting in Laverton this episode. So if you want to know more about what to see and where to stay, along the way, these 2 episodes are for you.
From Laverton, Western Australia to Winton, Queensland, via the Northern Territory’s Red Centre, The Outback Way, carves a well-worn 2700km track through the heart of Australia. The Outback Way is Australia’s Route 66, the great Australian Road Trip… unearth the magic and immerse yourself in a journey like never before. It’s a road trip that lets you sink into the peaceful colours of the Australian Outback, where your odometer collects memories with every kilometer. Whether you are zig-zagging the nation or you want a shorter invigorating getaway to awaken your senses -you’ll marvel at nature’s diversity, feel the cool waters in shimmering gorges wash over you, be inspired by the unique architecture of every mountain range, and hear the desert oaks whisper in their majestic forests. Immerse yourself in Indigenous culture, pioneering heritage, follow the Art Trail, get into the country spirit of an outback festival,  and enjoy the outback hospitality at every town you pull into.  
See More on the West to East – Plan your trip page on the Outback Way website
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