Episode 22 Copeton Dam and Life Fulltime on the Road

Episode 22

Copeton Dam and Life Fulltime on the Road

About Copeton Dam

Copeton Dam is a popular sport and recreation spot, located 35km south-west of Inverell on the NSW Northern Tablelands. It is one of the largest inland dams in NSW, making it a favourite spot for watersports, fishing, bushwalking, camping and picnicking.

The area (sometimes called Copeton Waters) is the ideal place to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. Drive or walk across the dam wall for amazing views of the lake and mountains. If you’re in need of accommodation, you can stay at the nearby holiday park, which features an adventure playground and jumping pillow for the kids.

Things to do: Copeton Dam has several boat ramps, so get out there and enjoy some skiing, sailing, canoeing, swimming or jet-skiing. You can also fish for murray cod, golden perch, silver perch, redfin or catfish. If you’re interested in camping, go ahead and pitch your tent on the northern foreshore of the dam.

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Daly Trippers

Three months in and still loving it, we talk tips they have learnt, and what they have found out about themselves since they have been on the road.

If you would like to follow their journey as they set off across the Nullabor, go to their facebook page


Featured in this Episode

Copeton Dam Wall
Copeton Dam Reflections Holiday Park